Lauren Ziemski bikini

Lauren Ziemski is originally from the East Coast (MD) and loves it although she prefers the West Coast for it’s weather , palm trees and of course, its traffic. Lauren Ziemski is a food expert with a palate insured for one billion dollars. Lauren Ziemski is an accomplished chef with her own restaurant, The Firefly, in Bocas del Toro, Panama.   Lauren Ziemski loves tequila. And whiskey. And wine although it  makes her sleepy which is why she never smokes pot anymore (She will fall asleep if she partakes in that shit). Lauren Ziemski only eats blue candy and worries sometimes that her insides are stained from all the blue razzzberry sour punch straws she consumes. Lauren Ziemski speaks 1 language well, can curse in three and communicates with her dog in Ewok. Lauren Ziemski once won a headstand contest. Lauren Ziemski is a maritime enthusiast who enjoys a boat themed restaurant. Lauren Ziemski wants to learn how to play the accordion but first must finish the course on “How To Bend Spoons With Your Mind” at LA City College.  Lauren Ziemski is an Aries. Lauren Ziemski is accomplished in the Japanese Art of Noh Theatre (and that is for real) . Lauren Ziemski has eaten bugs in Thailand, dove with sharks in Belize and high fived Richard Simmons (ok, that last one isn’t true). Lauren Ziemski is over writing this “about me” and in real life, would never refer to herself in the third person.